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Strange Lovers

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I notice you sitting across the room, it is no mere coincidence that our paths have entwined once again. I find you looking my way just before you turn around and a soft smile touches my lips, one which I think you catch a glimpse of. This time I daringly steal a glance and much to my surprise I see that you are already looking straight at me and smiling in that way you always do, somehow melting my heart. The very heart that beats at your mercy. Our eyes connect, our hearts follow suit and our souls become one. It is a wonder how we survived this far. Lost in this moment, locked in each others eyes, drifting freely between heavens, rolling with the ocean and dancing on the wind. Let us make this moment our forever and live this dream. I see you leave your seat and approach me, my heartbeat intensifying with each step you take, your essence drawing ever closer and merging with mine. Time stands still. You hold out your hand and I take it without question as you lead me outside the door.
* * *