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Free · Minds

A Question Of Love

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This is the moment we have waited for
everything and nothing has led us here
this is the beginning of our forever
and I was willing to wait all eternity

Our hearts and souls now joined as one
there is no space for distance between us
your eyes glow as joy traces your lips
the blue skies look dull in comparison

You have earned my trust and respect
now nothing can take this away from us
through these eyes I only see perfection
because I am so completely in love with you

Be whoever you choose to be and fly with me
together we will rebuild a new world far away
where happiness flows like a stream in our hearts
and love carves its name upon our souls

You are the destiny that has paved my path
I often wondered who the angel watching over me was
you touched my fading breath and gave me new life
I awaken from a dream that is now my reality

Each night I fall asleep wondering...

How is it that you can love me
more than I love you?
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On August 28th, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC), redfast commented:
Good Question!
It's every time take you, but never as last time!
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